• Design

    Design of HV power substation and layout
    Overhead transmission line design
    Underground cable transmission line and cable tunnels design
    Engineering feasibility studies and investigations
    Distribution planning and design, rehabilitation and construction supervision
    Protection and control system design
    Assistance in procurement of various equipment and goods for power projects
    Our power transmition and distribution expertise covers substations, transmission lines, distribution systems, industrial suplies and traction power systems.
  • Planning and forecasting

    Projects of development of local regions, cities and power systems
    External power supply scheme of large consumers of electricity
    Scheme of power plants, including the alternative
    Feasibility studies for construction of electric grid facilities
    Consulting services in the field of long-term development of electric power systems and individual energy nodes
  • Power grids automation

    Development of relay protection systems, emergency control systems, schemes of HV transmission grids control
    The development of communication networks and remote control of power system dispatching of HV transmission grids
    Development of industrial control, automated control systems and electricity metering
    Development of automation devices firefighting, fire and burglar alarm power facilities
    Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), Smart Grid Automation

  • Research and special calculations

    Calculation of load flow of power grids
    Calculation of short-circuit current
    Calculations of static and dynamic stability
    Optimizing losses in power transmission and distribution systems

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