• Why Choose Us?

    experience, competence and professionalism
    a full range of engineering support
    design solutions focused on optimum performance and technical and economic indicators of engineering systems of the facility
    implementation of project management processes can effectively use resources to control risks to carry out the work efficiently and in due time
    partnerships with suppliers of high voltage equipment and construction companies allow us to solve problems of any complexity
  • Experience

    In the Company have been working 5 Certified Chief project engineer.
    Average Experience of Chief project engineer more than 30 years.
    On average, each Certified Chief project engineer worked in the office over 60 man-hours.
    Company's employees have designed HV power substation total capacity more then 4,5 GigaWatt.
    The length of the designed overhead power lines by Company's employees is more then 190 thousand kilometers.
  • Development of national industry standards

    Company's employees directly involved in the development of national industry standards (Electrical Code).
    Employees have developed a number of innovative solutions for Ukraine:
    design of 2-circuit cable line 330 kV insulated with embroidered polyethylene;
    design of 3-circuit tower overhead lines of 110 kV;
    multicircuit towers on multifaceted bent struts 35-150 kV;
    design of Modular transformer substation up to 1600 kVA deep feeding.

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